Am I doing the right thing here?

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    The federal agencies all look for at least a BA/BS, since you have two of those already I don't know if you'll have any value added with an AAS degree. The knowledge you learn will be useful and I completely recommend it, but as far as a job goes, I'm not sure to be honest. You have several degrees, some tech certs, and years of experience in Law Enforcement already. I'm assuming you're applying to these federal jobs already? If not than you should be. If you're goal is to move to federal LEO some of the specifics that set candidates above others are foreign language proficiency and technical degrees at a minimum of a bachelors level, preferably the graduate level. It's been extremely competitive in the fed LEO business.

    There are state and local agencies with cyber and financial crime units that you may be interested in as well. The requirements for every department are different, but having any technical degree is better than none. Check around you're area and see what's closer to home.
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    You may be better served pursuing your CHFI and other, related, forensics-type certifications. Honestly, your BS in Criminal Justice along with the certs you mentioned should be plenty to get you the role you're looking for, but rounding that out with a forensics cert or two would seal the deal. I know a lot of people badmouth the CHFI, but there's value in understanding the basic technical processes for a forensic investigation, and the course gives you that.
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    SANS Windows Forensics would get you your first forensics credential and that all important court recognized expert as well. Though if your dealing directly with perps you've spent enough time in court for that as well. Get comfortable with FTK or Encase and certify there if you enjoy forensics work. I do but couldn't do forensics for a living. I'd be nuts in a month. Either way it would be an easy foot in the door with the LE background already and could lead to any number of new opportunities. My GISO got his job because of a similar background. Unusual? Yes. Likely? No.

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    Being that you're a student now, look in to the OSI's palace acquire program. OSI works LE and CI, is seeking candidates with IT knowledge, and the only way in right now is through Palace Acquire. If they're still doing the guaranteed promotions for mobility you'd move up quickly. Once you're in the 1811 series you should be able to move agencies relatively easily.
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