WGU C173 & C169 - Scripting and Programing/Python

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Has anyone completed these courses recently? I just started this week, my head is spinning a little bit. I have no background or experience in any scripting language.
How fast can I get through these courses? I'm worried this is going to slow down my progress. I would like to walk away from the courses with some valuable knowledge, but I'd like to move on as fast as possible.


  • shodownshodown Posts: 2,271Member
    you are asking two things that are almost inversely proportional. You have to put in the time if you are looking to learn something. I'm not sure what they are using for material, but there are plenty of free resources for python that are pretty good.
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    Google has some resources you can use that might help to slow the spin somewhat. As for how long? That is, unfortunately, not an easy answer to give. Different people read, absorb, and synthesize things at different speeds. The beautiful thing about WGU? You can work on classes that you are not registered for while you are going through the ones that you are currently enrolled in. There are a few threads on this forum where people who were waiting to finish their classes started writing the papers for the next classes they wanted to take. Once registered, they immediately sent the papers to Taskstream and started working on the next set. Maybe that is a strategy you can take, as well.
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    Code Academy is surprisingly good at explaining Python. Use it.

    Programming is one of those things you can't just rush through if you want to understand even a little more than an if-then loop.

    Don't rush it. Hell, you might even enjoy it once you realize all the cool things you can do with a programming language.
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    I completed those last month. I spent 2 weeks on C173 and 3 weeks on C169. I had to stretch my mind to get through those courses. They do take longer than the other classes I've been through. Don't dwell too much on the abstract concepts like the Fibonacci numbers. I didn't see anything like that on the exam. The project has a couple good puzzles to sort out. If you get stuck slow down and consider all the possible approaches you can take.
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