Which exam first? 697 or 698

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I've just been told by my boss that he'd like to have me certified with the Windows 10 MCSA cert. I took a look at both books and at first glance they seem quite a bit different from each other. Is there any recommendation at to which exam I should be studying for first (697 or 698 )? I understand that both exams are killers. Also wondering if the exams would be covering the Anniversary edition of Win 10.



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    I'm going to get both hopefully by the end of winter, but I'm starting with 697 since there isn't any material out for the 698 just yet, is there?
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    Not that I can find. Everything seems to be in Beta, although there are different books out for resources.
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    I'm pretty sure James Conrad will start doing the video course for 70-698 on CBT Nuggets as soon as the MS exam ref book is released towards end August.
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    I took them both (697 first to upgrade my MCSA Windows 8 to 10) and then the 698 beta (was fast enough to enter for free :) ).
    IMO the 698 is the "real" desktop exam. 697 is very heavy towards the online-services from MS (Azure, Intune)
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    What kind of study materials should be used for the 698? Also which do you feel is more important to have?
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    Don't even know if i passed or not ;) Exam is still in beta and you get notified around 4-8 weeks after it went live if you passed or not...

    There will be plenty of material once the exam goes live.

    Materials i used:
    - Reading Technet (a lot!) -> Topics can be found in the exam description: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-698.aspx
    - Microsoft Virtual Academy -> https://mva.microsoft.com/
    - working with Win 10 (Updated all computers at work, my personal laptop, played around in my lab, installed Win 10 IoT and so on)
    - also installed a Win Server 2016 Technical Preview (sometimes they ask server-questions inside the desktop exams)

    Also read/watch this:

    More information for beta takers:
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    MS book just came out, last week. for 698

    [h=3]Exam Ref 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10[/h] By Andrew Bettany, Andrew Warren

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    It is also up on https://www.safaribooksonline.com/home/ is you have an account with them.
  • MJK9550MJK9550 Posts: 160Member
    the 698 is also no longer a beta. I will be working on these exams after I finish my sec+
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    I'm working towards the 697 exam and will be going towards the 698 afterwards. I've been studying for my 410 exam (configuring server 2012R2) and have found a lot of this very similar and almost a review. As mentioned, have the study guide for this exam plus the exam ref and will be going through the material that AMD4EVER has put out. Hopefully writing by the middle of Oct.
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