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Hello everyone! First time poster. Happy to be a part of this forum and all the knowledge here. I currently work desktop support in a Windows environment. Currently I'm planning on working towards the Windows 10 MCSA. Right now I hold the MTA Network Fundamentals, and I am working towards the MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals.

I have been considering doing the entire MTA Infrastructure track before moving to the MCSA. I say this because, for an example, I don't currently have the cloud knowledge that the MCSA asks for in the 697, or knowledge of BitLocker, (other areas as well, this was just for an example). Would going through this path give me that foundation in your opinions? Or should I just begin studying directly for the MCSA? Hope that all made sense, thanks for the advice everyone!


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    That was supposed to say the MTA Networking Fundamentals, sorry for the typo, typing all this out in a hurry. Thanks again!
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    697 helps you understand cloud, Bitlocker etc, so this is a good one to study for.
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    Thanks for the reply! I saw you recently took the test, I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you were hoping. You will make it next time though. So I can go in without having knowledge of those subjects, and pick them up by studying for the 697? Thanks again for the help!
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    Yep, if you want the basic knowledge of them.

    Thanks, I will pass next time :)
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