Stuck on 70-680 Need advice

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Hi People I'm new to this forum and have NO microsoft qualifications, main reason for joining is to get a bit of motivation..

I've been revising professor messer videos and then had ago on a practise tests on one of the units and all the things I revised with professor messer were not on the practise test really put me in a downer because I revised so much, I thought it was my strongest unit too icon_sad.gif

I'm thinking about giving up and just taking ITIL foundation v3 instead, any advice? Should I go for a lower Microsoft exam or?

Many thanks :)


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    Don't be thrown off by the practice questions, Professor Messer alone won't guarantee you pass. Microsoft exams are designed to be a lot tougher than other vendors like CompTIA, and you need to put a lot more effort into your studies if you are bound to pass. Saying that, they are more valuable to have in the industry so it makes sense that they will be harder.

    Firstly, the 70-680 is a beast. There are other MS exams that you could do to prep you up for the MCTS, like an MTA for example. Although the MTA's might be a little less valuable than the MCST, they are still a good stepping stone, especially if you haven't taken an MS exam before and want to get use to the exam style. Plus, if you can afford the time, this option might be best.

    It's not essential though, and you can pass the 680 with the correct resources. Professor Messer is an excellent resource and you will see his name pop up a lot in these forums. However, you will need to practice the content in depth before taking the exam. It might be easy to watch someone create a wim file from scratch and deploy it, but will you remember it for the exam? Best method is practice.

    Download a VM tool like VirtualBox and create a few Windows 7 VMs and a Server 2008 R2 VM. Follow Professor Messers videos step by step and practice what he is showing you, again and again. The great thing about PM is his videos are fluent with each other, so you can watch them in order and follow the entire process without getting lost.

    I would also recommend reading Darril Gibson's 70-685/686 book. It cover's a little more about the other MCST certs but will help to solidify your knowledge on deployments and admin tasks. Another good resource is the MS Virtual Labs which you can follow step by step.

    But overall the key point is to practice with Labs, again and again until you feel confident to know how to do these tasks on your own. I failed my 70-680 first time because I took it for granted, then retook the exam after using Labs and passed. Also watch out for the exam itself. MS exams tend to expect you to answer the questions 'the Microsoft way', so bear that it mind.

    You will find a few people in these forums who have taken the exam and willing to pass on advice, like myself. Keep us updated on your training and feel free to ask any questions. Good luck :)
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