Attacking JNCIA

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We use Juniper SRX a lot at work but my knowledge of them is pretty limited and this something I plan to change this year.

I have the CBT nugget series by Antony Sequira and the supporting docs.

Going forward, I plan buying some hardware to practice on. Are SRX 100 boxes good enough for more advanced firewall stuff or should I be aiming at 210s?

Also is there any differences in the Dell branded 100s and Junos branded boxes beside price?


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    Any SRX should be more than enough for JNCIA. I'm not sure what you mean by 'advanced firewall', but they will do NAT, VPN, and all the other security features except possibly IDP. However, JNCIA is an entry level networking cert and should have no SRX-specific security information.
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    Luie is correct - the JNCIA isn't a difficult exam and shouldn't be focused on the SRX but rather Juniper in general. An SRX 100 box will get you where you need to go for it.

    The JNCIS-SEC will be more specific to the SRX series if you want to go past the JNCIA. For that exam I used a pair of SRX 240s that we had in our lab along with an SRX 240 I have at the house. The SEC exam was heavy (at least for me) on HA so I would recommend getting your hand on two units if at all possible.

    For the JNCIA - I highly recommend the Juniper Fast Track guides and the JunOS Genius app. Those were my primary study materials for both the JNCIA and the JNCIS-SEC exams.
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    i found the CBTnuggets course to be underwhelming.

    if you know ccna level basics, i would recommend getting ine's Intro to Junos course.
    It's $$$ well spent.
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    How to start studying for JNCIA? is any specific thread where updates are available by peoples taking JNCIA ?

    I want to give JNCIA, already have knowledge level of CCNA and CCNP.
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