JUNOS - Interpreting Filter CLI / Any good books/labs for JUNOS?

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Hello all:

Question 1 of 2: Interpreting Filter CLI

term TERM1 {
from {
prefix-list {
protocol TCP;
port [ 80 ];
then accept;

Does that rule mean A, B, C, or D?
A: source-address:PREFIX1, destination:ANY, protocol: TCP, source-or-destination-port:80
B: source-address:PREFIX1, destination:ANY, protocol: TCP, destination-port:80
C: source-address:PREFIX1, destination:ANY, protocol: TCP, source-port:80
D: something else entirely, please explain

Question 2 of 2: Any good books/labs for JUNOS? What resources are recommended for someone trying to start out in the land of JUNOS?

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    (A) - the match condition of 'port' will hit on either the source or destination port. That condition is only available on MX and SRX though. On EX and QFX, you have to specify 'source-port' or 'destination-port'.

    If you're starting out, try their Day One library (Day One Library). You'll probably want to look closely at 'Junos for IOS Engineers'. For more in-depth books, O'Reilly has books on Routing, Switching, and most of the model platforms. This is the closest Juniper version of Cisco Press, but there is much less material compared to Cisco.
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