210-260 pass

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Passed with a 8xx score (passing is 860 I think)

1) Chris Bryant's Udemy course, which helps a ton if you follow his labs and complete them on your own using packet tracer.
2) FedVte - Not as good as Udemy
3) Official Cert Guide (Front to back 3x)

Started in Feb and spent most of my time using packet tracer and replicating what Chris Bryant was doing in his videos. Quite a few questions on the exam were related to the IOS and wanted to know if the command was to be used on the interface or globally.

There were at least 10 questions that I definitely knew from my CISSP studies and practice questions from CCCure but I could not find them in the OCG when I went home after the exam.

All in all I felt that the exam was a whole lot easier than the Routing and Switching.
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    Congrats! I'll have to check out Chris Bryant's course and labs. I'll be using packet tracer too.
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    Congrats !
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    lucky0977 wrote: »
    All in all I felt that the exam was a whole lot easier than the Routing and Switching.

    I thought this as well. Reason why I don't have the R&S right now...

    Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif
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