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I skim through PC World from time to time but was just curious what sites everyone uses to stay current in this constantly evolving IT industry.
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    I don't regularly read any sites. I hang out on IRC Freenode in a wide range of tech channels. Hard to miss anything important that way.
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    Dark Reading looks interesting. I still use RSS and is my go to.
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    I don't regularly read any sites. I hang out on IRC Freenode in a wide range of tech channels. Hard to miss anything important that way.

    IRC really? This is not 1999 :D
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    mikey88 wrote: »
    IRC really? This is not 1999 :D

    Freenode is still excellent for tech folks to share information. And a lot of old school people on there, so they know quite a bit.
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    I use these and they are somewhat fun:

    This one is on the programming side, but still pretty fun

    Not alot of IT stufff, but there are some good articles here and there

    Tom's IT Pro: Enterprise Solutions, Strategy and Architecture
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    Why I get all my news here... icon_wink.gif
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    Great community site with links to news throughout the week.
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    Honestly it's pretty tough, between US-Cert warnings, B-Side newsletters, NEI, company email warnings, I get bombarded with emails almost every day, I do have a job to do, really can't read them all.
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