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Hi all,

I'm due to sit with a chief of technology at a savings bank, as he's interested in running through my C.V. with me.

I've over 5 years experience with PCI DSS and people management. Recently passed the CISSP and have SSCP, Security+, and PCIP.

I'm wondering about what would be the day to day role of someone working in the "technology department" of a bank would be? What would they be looking for? Do they really require innovative employees, considering how slow banks are at rolling out new procedures and technologies due to trying to keep the risk as low as possible?

I'm stuck between this job and an I.T. security consulting role; where I'll be able to upskill myself in different I.T. domains, but will obviously require a lot of client interaction and travelling.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.


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    You need to ask the chief during your interview. Interviewers love when you ask questions regarding the position. Day to Day responsibilities varies (INHO) from job to job.
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    Of course, that is true.

    I suppose it would be different if I applied for an advertised position where the job responsibilities were laid out and I had to show how I can meet those requirement. However, in this instance, it seems like a formal "get-to-know-you" session that could lead to a job.

    I'm hoping that the role would be exciting and not boring. I'm doing some reading about how dull it can be, but that can definitely vary from company to company.

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    ..and sometimes the job can turn out completely opposite from what the interview portrays.. I have been through that.
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Wait a minute, you going to an interview without knowing the job description or what the role is? Only the fact that you will work in the "technology department "?

    Come on man, you need to know what you are getting yourself into.
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    I'm unemployed at the moment and literally moved to a country where English is the second language and English is my mother tongue, so I'll happily attend this for the top bank in the country.

    It sounds like they'll be looking into my experience and qualifications to see if I'll make a good fit. I doubt they'd normally approach it this way for someone who is local and/a native of the country.

    I guess I should have mentioned this in the original post, but didn't think it was necessary. But I understand the intent behind your reply :D.
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    Technology Department is ridiculously vague. In some banks that means hundreds of people. In some smaller banks it means a few guys. Asking what the typical day of someone in that department is just impossible to answer if we don't know how the institution is setup. I understand having the exploratory conversation but you better ask a ton of questions and come up with a crystal clear view of a specific role.
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    Of course, it makes sense.

    Everyone's answers helps, though, because I now understand exactly what I need to get out of this interview. The fact is, is that I will need to take charge in this interview to get an understanding of the company and possible work responsibilities.

    Thanks all! :)
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    and do research on the bank before you go in the interview...
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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