How to learn advanced ASA knowledge/skillset?

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Happy New Years all!

One of my goals for 2018 is to gain alot of knowledge and a practical skillset on the ASA firewalls.

Abit of background, I hold a ccna in r&s and a palo alto ace cert.

I was thinking of orginally doing the ccna security but didnt feel it would be beneficial for my growth. The ASAs on the other hand are platforms we use alot as our international VPN devices.

So it goes without saying that I need to get up to speed on this.

The only issue is Im mostly only allowed to work on kit and technologies that I have expereince or certs in.

For the ASAs I was planning to get a 5506 with firepower firewall for labbing and complement that with a cisco book on ASAs, VPNs and IPS, cant recall the name but its a cisco book written by 2x CCIES and a CISSP.

My questions How should i go about making a study plan? and how long should I set aside? Their is no exam or syllabus so its abit hard to judge.


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    We have a handful of Asa's where I work also. My task given to me is to get up to speed on them. So I am in the same boat as you are. I also have my CCNA. I mostly work in switching (layer2) and VPNS, I am getting more hands on with the firewalls. I have three to setup up in the next two months. I decided I am going to go for the CCNA security cert. For the ASA I have been gathering materials. Work bought me the Cisco ASA all in one book. just arrived Tuesday. Also I talked them into an INE subscription. My own purchased materials are ITprotv, Todd Lammle does ASA series and a firepower series. I started with the INE ccna sercurity series, while watching some of ITproTV. By the end of the month I want get into a series by INE with Brian called Implementing Cisco ASA Firewalls Thanks for making this post, I will follow it.
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    You can check out RouteHub's courses. He has some ASA/FirePower courses. Cisco Security Solutions

    You can also check out
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    Routehub is awesome when needing to turn on features
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    You can also virtualize ASAs on EVE-NG, GNS and VIRL. Just go and get your hands dirty!
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late reply, so ive finished recapping the CCNA material and have now moved on fully to the subject of ASAs.

    Using INEs rack rental systems Ive been using their CCIE security rack as this comes with 4 ASAv's and importantly, 2x ASA 5515x FWs with FIREPOWER, IPS ect ect.

    have been using the ccna security material to get familiar with the basic things, will then move on to the ASA all in one and some video series also :)
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