Whats next after CASP

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I have Sec+ CASP and my CCNA RS is expering in may, I am trying to decide where to go next. I know CISSP is the top dog, but not ready for that yet. My thoughts were renew my CCNA with CCNA sec, CEH, SSCP or eJPT, I was confused on whether CEH or SSCP is worth it if I already have CASP, there are so many certs and I am not trying to get another cert that is equivilant to what I already have. any help would be appreciated


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    I plan on renewing my CCNA R&S with the CCNA Cyber Ops when the time is right. I am under the impression that this is a viable way to renew it.
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    CISSP renews the CASP which renews all other CompTIA security certs. Just sayin'
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    If CISSP is where you want to end. Just go there now.
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    I would do CCNA Sec now, then start working on CISSP.
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