Questions, Answers & Explanations QAE manual book or online database?

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Hi folks, I'm keen for the QAE online database subscription after hearing the good reviews about it however unsure whether it will work for me as I am typically a pen and paper person when it comes to learning. So need some guidance and advice.

I've seen the 2014 QAE hardcopy book before - organised into 4 domains, the answers and explanations are right after the questions, does NOT make reference to the Review Manual and understood its content is the same as the online DB.

My queries

1. For the QAE online DB, does the explanations make reference to the Review Manual by section number, page or title? Related to this question, I am having an older Review Manual 2014. Wonder will this be an issue assuming there is a referencing function or should I get the latest Review Manual?

2. Can I attempt the questions more than once especially for those marked wrong? (as I plan to do pre-test before reading the Review Manual and then attempt the same questions post reading).

3. What's the flow like - question then with answer and explanation shown immediately?

4. Are there both learning mode (able to see the answer and explanation straight away) and exam mode (finish a set of questions then check the answers and explanation)?

5. As there is no trial or demo version before signing up, may the kind folks here share some screenshots regarding the key features or what you think are the key advantages of the online DB?

Thank you very much in advance!


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    I'm not sure if this is exam-specific, but I remember a review by E Double U on the CISM QAE DB here -

    I've used the QAE DB hardcopy book and I had to cover the answers as it was written directly below the question although the explanations do not reference to specific book pages in the Review Manual.
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    Thanks a bunch. It helps a lot!
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    I cant afford $180 bux for this QADB
    Anyone have any other alternative of this?

    Can this be transferred? Or sharing basis? icon_wink.gif
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    rasli79 wrote: »
    I cant afford $180 bux for this QADB
    Anyone have any other alternative of this?

    Can this be transferred? Or sharing basis? icon_wink.gif

    No, it can't. If that is your mindset, I suggest that you read up on ISACA's Professional Code of Ethics and decide whether going down the CISM route is actually for you or not.
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    yeah. thanks for the reminding on CoE. I already raised my concern before with ISACA bookstore to make few options (3/6/12 months).
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