A+ 901 passed :)

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Hey guys, I passed my A+ today! woo hoo

I passed with the Mike Meyers Videos and Darrill Gibson phone app.

How long do I have until the next edition of A+ Certs come out? and if they come out while I haven't passed my 902, will that make my 901 exam void?


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    Congrats on the pass! CompTIA indicates that you must pass the 902 within 12 months of passing the 901, so as long as you get it done in that time you're good. However, I would strongly recommend getting it done in the next few weeks while the information is fresh in your head. I did my A+ in a classroom environment and completed both exams after 3 weeks of grinding study. Literally, it was 3 weeks. I took the 701 on a Wednesday and the 702 on the Friday, but to be fair we covered all material for both exams simultaneously. It was hard but good that I got it done early before I started my new role. I reckon you could study and pass the 902 within 4 weeks or less if you study hard. Good luck!
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    Great job!
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