Failed Linux Essentials Test

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Good Morning alll,
I took my Linux Essentials test yesterday evening and failed My score was 440

The Linux Community and a Career in open source 71%
Finding your way on a Linux System 50%
The power of the command line 10%
The Linux Operating System 75%
Security and file Permissions 57%

The few command line questions I had were things I had not done in labs before. I plan on working on what I missed and doing better for the next test

Any suggestions to improve are welcome

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    I would skip the Linux essentials exam and focus on Linux+ or LPIC, then go learn the Linux CLI. Get on youtube and find some Linux+ videos & follow along with the CLI so you can be practicing those cmds as you go. Read a couple of books before attempting it again, that way you will absorb the material better. Follow the exam objectives and go through each one until you "know it", repeat.

    Cheers & Hi5!
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    First to thing to say would be don't get disheartened. I failed my CompTIA A+ first time around but hasn't prevented me from moving on with my career.

    I would recommend having a look at the Linux Academy course on Linux Essentials, they'll cover everything you need for the exam:
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