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Hello there, TechExams! I am super excited to announce the first issue of our monthly TechExams newsletter! In this post, you can find the best discussions TechExams has to offer from the month of May. These range from career advice, to a certification exam postmortem, to just an engaging discussion! Please enjoy our top picks!

We will begin sending out this monthly newsletter via email along with this post, so you should see that in your inbox tomorrow, June 5th. We hope this can serve as a way to make sure you don’t miss out on any good posts, while also bringing people back to the site to add to the conversation. Going forward, I will include recent & upcoming features, as well as any back-end changes if you're interested in knowing that stuff too. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to nominate a post for our next newsletter, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How to rebound after a failed certification exam
Have you ever felt like you aced a certification exam, only to find out you came up short? MikeD42 shares his experience with the Network+ and receives valuable feedback on how to reflect and improve.

A successful Linux+ postmortem
After successfully passing the CompTIA Linux+, Jasper_zanjani provides some excellent insights into the exam, including recommended resources and tips for new candidates.

League of Legends can teach us a valuable lesson about cybersecurity
Just like most competitive online games, security awareness is a team sport that requires each member to be prepared. The important lesson is to remember that individual mistakes are a sign of inadequate preparation—not a lack of intelligence.

Automated vs. manual penetration testing — when to use each
Automated pentesting is obviously much faster than manual tests, but it comes with depth limitations. Learn more about when to use which method and when to use both.

Should we be concerned about losing our jobs to automation?
Workforce automation and outsourcing are real concerns to the IT industry. Read more about which roles our TechExams members think have the best chance of sticking around.

What does it take to land an interview?
Many IT job descriptions seem to read more like a wish list than a job description, listing multiple years of experience and certifications for entry and mid-level positions. So, what exactly are these companies looking for?

How to build a career towards becoming a CISO — Cert recommendations
TechExams user jonwinterburn receives great advice on whether he should pursue certifications or an MBA in his stretch goal of becoming a CISO.

IT Degree vs certifications — Are degrees really necessary?
With IT certifications pulling more and more weight on a resume, is a degree even necessary to start a successful IT career? Or does the old saying stay true that experience trumps all?

Career advice — Certifications now or bachelor’s degree later?
TechExams user Basic85 is in a unique position in his IT career, financially unable to earn a bachelor’s degree and struggling to find a job. Read more about navigating the rough waters of entry-level IT in this thread.

Pentesting and Python — Unnecessary or the perfect match?
Does a pentesting professional need to know Python programming, or is it just another looked-over resume skill? Check out what this thread thinks about programming in an IT career.

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