Whats one of the most easiest cert?

I want to know which cert you think is the most easiest. The reason why I am asking is because I am procrastinating a bit and with an easy certificate, I mgiht get triggered onto cert fever. I dont want some obscure unbranded cert but soemhting professional like from CompTIA or Microsoft or things like that. In what part of the IT industry the cert is in doesnt matter too. (I dont want to write down the whole reason why..feeling lazy).


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    Alright, well. What's your background in IT my friend? The easiest cert will be the on you have the most hands on time with.

    Generally Comptia certs can be easy but they can also be very random. Personally I found the Microsoft 70-270 Windows XP exam to be much easier than A+, Net+ or CCNA. So I would say from experience that's a good place to start.

    I hear the Vista exam is even easier and more versatile, but I can't personally confirm that.
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    It's impossible to answer that question without knowing what your experience is. Technically, the general consensus is that CompTIA offers the easiest professional certifications. I think that might be a good place to start.
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    It job experience? zero. icon_redface.gif

    I dont mind the CompTIA certs but I would prefer to have a dedicated cert. Lets say if I go for a Windows XP cert, then I will be able to say I am certified to some extent in Windows XP. With the Comptia, if any non It person asks me what the Comptia is about, I will ahve to say oh its about random stuff.

    If I get a dedicated cert, then I will get a taste of what that field as a whole will be like. So maybe if I get a variety of certs, I will be able to decide which field in IT like best and I will also have a basic base level knowledge of a variety of fields.
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    CompTIA is not random stuff, they are vendor neutral. They do not touch heavily on any one vendor specific topic.

    If someone asked me about my CompTIA certs, I would simply tell them that the Network+ covers the concepts of Networking, the Security+ covers concepts of Physical and Computer security and The A+ covers concepts of computer hardware and operating systems.

    Look at CompTIA certifications as a chance to begin on subject concepts that you are just starting out on. If for example you don't know what the OSI model is, then Network+ might be a better start than the CCNA...

    With all of that said, I see, and completely agree with your points about being able to say that you specialize in a particular area. If you want to go the MS route, then consider somewhere along the way taking the Security+ exam at least... I learned a ton from this exam. It also counts as an elective for the MCSE/MCSE.

    Either way you go, good luck!
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    Qucik answer to cut a long story short.

    Windows Vista 70-620 is by far the easiest certification (MCP) to attain right now. Also the most current with industry demands and the explosion of vista machines now on corporate networks and home user PC's.

    I should also mention the term "easy" is relative to ones definition of the word. Put aside experience because the reailtiy is you dont need years of experience to get certified. Experience should make you real good at the skill. But we know some guys get certs stacked up but no practical experience, this is true..should not be advertised but trust me its true.

    Im pretty sure, if you were to buy a mspress book and use the practice questions and MAYBE play with a windows vista machine for at least 5 hours total. You should "learn" enough to PASS.....again, thats the easy route to me. One that someone who wants more than the cert should NEVER take.

    My five cents, Kenny
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    hmm out of these:
    Windows Xp MCP
    Windows Vista MCP

    which one takes the elast time to prepare for? I am doing this for the knowledge, not for any job cuz I am still in high school.
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    I would go for Network+. Since you are wanting to get into the IT industry, have no job experience, doing the Network+ will give you some foundation for networking. I would then go on to do the 70-620 Vista exam to obtain MCP. I would recommend doing the A+ and Network+ prior to going for Microsoft certifications to get your foundation.

    I typically recommend doing Security+ after going through the core Microsoft exams because you really need to have a base understanding of how the client/server software works before you can understand how it works securely.

    So, in short, I would do the exams in the following order:
    70-620 Vista for MCP
    Continue with Microsoft Core Certifications
    Continue with what you want to do next
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    I would say it depends upon your background and knowledge and what resources you have available to experiment with. The Security+ is fairly difficult in my opinion but I have not taken the other exams. I am currently studying for the XP exam and it seems to be pretty easy, but that is due to having lots of hands on support experience with it over the years. I've looked at the Network+ and it seemed to be fairly easy as well, just needed some more facts memorization, but again that is based off of experience. I can't say anything about the Vista exam as I have not even so far as looked at the objectives for it. I would venture to say that the XP exam is probably the easiest to prepare for just because it is easy to get background in supporting XP. The Network+ seems to require more fact memorization so that may be easier depending upon your current skill sets though.
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    hmm I had already started listening to some N+ lectures so I guess I will finish those and then move onto MCP. For some reason I find A+ to be quite boring (listened to a few lectures). What about Apple certs? Are there any? And are they quick and easy or do they take time?

    I mgiht sound like a lazy person who wants to stack up certs lol but no thats not really my aim. I just want to get some cert fever.
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    Any CompTIA exam as they arn't real exams to begin with.
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    Here's stuff for Apple: http://training.apple.com/certification/

    I've never run across any employers asking for them though.
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    right. and can you give me a general idea of how long the preparation for these would take:
    winxp mcp
    win vista mcp
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    I know your still in HS, but you won't last long in the IT field if your lazy.
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    lol well I just need a 'trigger' kind of thinkg to get me started. Once I get my first cert, it iwll give me a sense of achievment and hopefully I will be up and about.
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    I am torn between XP vs Vista MCP after completing my A+
    Unfortunately I have little Vista experince only whats on my wifes new Dell notebook but might be worth a better look at icon_confused.gif:
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    The biggest problem i had starting out is that I wanted to learn about so many things in so many directions that i couldnt focus long enough to complete any one particular goal.

    Pick one of your forementioned certifications, read the objectives, read a study guide or 2, pickup a book or 2 and go get certified.

    Once you have done that you might have a better understanding of what it takes to have "cert fever." Its easy to think im going to get x,y,z, etc certifications this year. Its a whole other story to read several dry 1,000 page books to get even one of them.

    As they always say: you gotta learn to crawl before you can run.
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    phantasm wrote:
    I know your still in HS, but you won't last long in the IT field if your lazy.

    True, but I have met some dumb people who worked hard and couldn't get anything done.

    Work smart, not hard.
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    I am doing this for the knowledge

    No you aren't. If you were doing it just for the knowledge, you wouldn't be posting on this board asking which one is the easiest.
  • DingdongbubbleDingdongbubble Member Posts: 106
    For the knowledge and to get triggered towards the knowledge, to get motivated. lol
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    The easiest is the one you prepared well for. Exams to me are different from experience.

    If you prepare for any cert thoroughly, reading, hands on work, test questions etc...you'll find it as easy as a preschool poem.
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