List of Online Technology Degrees/Schools/Links Thread

It can be very difficult to find online schools out there when a few online schools virtually occupy the entire market in advertising.

And lets be honest, many of the online 'ranking sites' are clearly advertising setups by a few schools to gain search engine recognition.

So, I've come up with an idea. Let's make a thread where we combine our knowledge to list various online schools for technology. One request, please share whatever knowledge you have for everyone out there. I'll start here:

1. Online Undergraduate in Computer Science

A. Goodness Gracious. This is an online program in computer science. Tuition is so-so, but still much cheaper than many of the other online schools.

2. Online Bachelor's in Information Technology

A. Yes, online schools can be very cheap and still deliver a quality education. You just have to look for the hidden gems like this one. The curriculum is very comprehensive.

3. Online Master's in Software Engineering:

A. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.. This is a real Harvard degree and it's open, non-competitive admissions:

B. Holy Cow! ABET Accredited Program at a very cheap price.

4. Online Master's in Computer Information Systems

A. Oh my goodness: this is an online Master's from Boston College, and it is a pretty nice one.

5. Online Master's degree in Applied Computer Science

A. In my opinion, this program has a better online setup than anywhere. This program actually predates WGU in allowing credit for certification as 6 hours is waived for a major certification. In addition, the professors are publication proactive and seem to take pride in making sure that the school is not a traditional online school. Numerous scholarships are offered. In addition, all lectures are recorded with access online. You can preview the online degree. Biggest Disadvantage: it's one of those sequence curriculums where you have to follow a set path over a year and a half. It dosen't have the traditional 5 or 6 year flexibility that you see in an online program. At about 25,000 for the program, it is very expensive if one doesn't get a scholarship, much online with many online private schools. But still, this has the biggest bang for the buck in terms of an online program being setup for students to succeed.

Everyone please List and review the online programs and schools that you have found.
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  • MCPWannabeMCPWannabe Member Posts: 194
    Okay, I need to add another one:

    Online Doctorate in Computer Science:

    A. This is probably the highest degree of prestige for our profession. The Doctorate in Computer Science is rare and very hard to find online, but this school offers one. This is an expensive degree but the money from consulting, higher education positions, and IT head manager positions, would be well worth it.
    I've escaped call centers and so can you! Certification Trail and mean pay job offers for me: A+ == $14, Net+==$16, MCSA==$20-$22, MCAD==$25-$30, MCSD -- $40, MCT(Development), MCITP Business Intelligence, MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer -- $700 a Day
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    very good idea to make a comprehensive's really hard to get unbiased, real info about online programs. I'll dig out my notes & links, and I'll post back later with some info.
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    I've been gathering information on a masters program at California State University Fullerton. It's offered online with a couple of brief visits to the campus in person and as far as cost is concerned, lets just say that the nearly two years it would take to complete the program, it would cost half of what a year where I am currently finishing up my bachelors costs.
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    Excellent links. Please keep them coming.

    Dynamik, it appears as though you caught a good one. I didn't even know that Nova offered an online degree in Information Security.

    Msteinhilber found another hidden gym. I'm going to do some research on this one. Plus, California State! Career Services would probably be excellent for someone graduating with a Master's in IT in the California area.
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  • MCPWannabeMCPWannabe Member Posts: 194
    Master's of Science in Information Technology: check out this one!
    I've escaped call centers and so can you! Certification Trail and mean pay job offers for me: A+ == $14, Net+==$16, MCSA==$20-$22, MCAD==$25-$30, MCSD -- $40, MCT(Development), MCITP Business Intelligence, MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer -- $700 a Day
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    Saint Leo University
    Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems

    Offered online and on several of their campuses through out the south east.

    They also offer an MBA with concentration in Information Systems

    Florida Institute of Technology - All distance learning graduate degrees.

    Both of them are SACS accredited.

    Someone already mentioned Nova Southeastern University which I hear is a good school for online computer degrees. They even have a few Ph.D programs! And accredited...

    If you are getting a degree make sure it is accredited! Sorry, if you can't tell I work for a college and they stress if you are going to spend on your education might as well be on a degree that can be applied to a higher one later in life.
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    Online Information Security or Information Assurance graduate degrees

    University of Dallas: MBA, Master of Science, or Masters of Management in Information Assurance

    Capitol College: MS in Information Assurance

    Capitol and University of Dallas are both NSTISSI/CNSS 4011, 4012, 4013, 4014, 4015 and 4016 certified, and the only online graduate programs in the USA that meet all six standards.

    7-time NCAA Ice Hockey Champion, University of Denver: MAS in Computer Information Systems, Information Systems Security

    DePaul University: MS in Computer, Information and Network Security

    Iowa State University: MS in Information Assurance

    Fort Hays State University: MS in Liberal Studies, Information Assurance Concentration (4011, 4013E evaluated).

    East Carolina University: MS in Technology Systems, Information Security concentration

    Stevens Institute of Technology: MS in Computer Science, Security and Privacy Concentration

    Polytechnic Institute of New York University: Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

    Rochester Institute of Technology: Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance

    Oklahoma State University: Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance

    Dakota State University: MS in Information Assurance

    Brandeis University: MS in Information Assurance

    Park University: Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance

    All degrees listed above are offered online, some online-only. Dakota State and Fort Hays State are probably the least expensive.
  • oldbarneyoldbarney Member Posts: 89 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Online Doctoral Degrees in Information Systems

    Syracuse University: Doctor of Professional Studies in Information Studies. Requires 6 weeks on campus over three years.

    Dakota State University: Doctor of Science in Information Systems
  • MCPWannabeMCPWannabe Member Posts: 194
    @Oldbarney -- I just must say wow! How did you find out about all of these schools. I've never seen a list quite that worthy anywhere. Your knowledge is very impressive, and you may have just helped me find a graduate school -- at any rate, some very strong contenders.

    @ChronusMaximus -- excellent, excellent advice. You posted some hidden gems on here.

    Everyone, this thread may now pass any other WEBSITE on the entire WEB in terms of links for technology degrees.

    Awesome!!!! :D
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    MCPWannabe, thanks. Must also agree with ChronusMaximus about regional accreditation. The trick is to complete a program which is viewed as respectable, known to a prospective employer, and a good fit for you. Those represent the important factors. I only list programs offered by non-profit, regionally accredited universities, some nationally and globally ranked. Below are a few additional online opportunities focusing on Information Assurance:

    Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla): Graduate Certificate in Computer Science with Information Assurance & Security Officer Essentials concentration (NSA 4011 & 4014 courseware certified).

    St. Leo University: Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management.

    Graduate certificates more or less equate to mini-graduate degrees without the cost, time investment, and lack of specificity that a master's degree demands. For people already holding bachelor's or master's degrees, a grad cert is like adding another minor.

    At a later date, I'll add additional degrees delivered through distance learning media for other information technology areas and degree levels (associate, bachelor, master). There are many amazing opportunities available from some highly regarded colleges and universities. This online thing has opened doors that were formerly closed for hundreds of years.

    Given these ever-expanding, collegiate-level online opportunities, I sometimes look at college education for adult learners like this: a person can simply check a box and fall in with the rest of the lumbering herd, or truly set himself/herself apart. It's also possible to find comparatively awesome deals on tuition too. Not all state universities charge non-resident students expensive out-of-state fees. Phoenix, Capella, and Kaplan changed the game, and that's a good thing. Competition benefits us all. State and private universities realize as much, and have jumped aggressively into this game as well.
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    When mentioning associate degrees, community colleges automatically come to mind. I think many students should consider the local community college as option #1. But 4-year universities also offer IT-related associate degrees. The following 2-year degrees are available online.

    Champlain College: Associate of Science in Software Development

    Liberty University: Associate of Arts in Management Information Systems

    Louisiana Tech University: Associate of Science in Health Information Technology

    Mountain State University: Associate of Science in Computer Science

    Penn State World Campus: Associate in Science in Information Sciences and Technology

    Southern New Hampshire University: Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology

    Troy University: Associate of Science in General Education with a minor in Computer Science

    University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Associate of Science in Information Technology

    University of Toledo: Associate degrees in Computer Software Specialist; Information Services and Support; Programming and Software Development.

    Except for Liberty, Louisiana Tech, and Troy, tuition at the other schools costs $900+ per course. These degrees might make great completion programs for students who have previously taken classes at other schools, or are career changers with an associate's or a bachelor's in another discipline and in need of an IT-related degree. Penn State even has an online course transfer tool.

    All state universities above have a "national focus", which means they actively cater to out-of-state students. Their tuition reflects this emphasis. Penn State is expensive, $1500-2000 per undergraduate course.

    Champlain, Liberty, Mountain State and Southern New Hampshire are private schools. Liberty seems very affordable for a private university. Louisiana Tech is the least expensive of the group -- cheaper than some community colleges, in fact. By the way, Louisiana Tech and Troy will each play in Division I-A college football bowl games later this month.
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    Just bumping up an excellent thread.
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    The University of Advancing Technology University of Advancing Technology

    BA -Software Engineering- Network Security Online

    Private School- ~$5000 per semister
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    NC State Univ
    EOL Degrees and Certificates

    Programming Certificate program (CPC): "The CPC has been very successful at helping students who have a Bachelors degree change careers, enhance their professional credentials or simply learn more about computer programming."

    Online graduate engineering also offered.
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    Pennsylvania College of Technology (part of Pennstate)

    Bachelors in Technology Management: Technology Management Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) - Pennsylvania College of Technology

    2+2 program - must have a two year technology based Associates Degree. Basically a business degree. It goes will with my IT - Network Administration associates degree.

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    American Public University - The public arm of the American Military University. This is the place that a high percentage of deployed military will use to attain their degrees. They are regionally and nationally accredited.

    They have IT Systems Security / IT Management / IT General as well as many other degrees such as Homeland Security and Intelligence Studies. They offer Associates/Bachelors/Masters. The undergrad costs are roughtly $750 per class with books included.

    Degree Programs at American Public University (APU)

    This is where I will be attending.
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    Baker College

    Welcome to Baker College

    Offers online associates, bachelors, and masters degrees.

      Computer Information Systems
      Information Technology and Security
      Project Management and Planning

      Management Information Systems
      MBA - Information Management

    University of Central Florida

    UCF - Graduate Catalog 2009-2010 - Graduate Programs

    Offers two online masters programs.
      Digital Forensics MS
      Technology MS

    University of Michigan - Flint Campus

    Offers online masters program (can be done on campus, online, or a mix).
      Computer Science and Information Systems (MS)
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    If anyone is in Florida and looking to get their Bachelors in Business Administration check out UF's online Bachelors. Im enrolling this fall to start spring term 2010.

    University of Florida - BS in Business Administration
    Online Business Program - School of Business - Warrington College of Business Administration

    You get the SAME BS as the students do on campus and no designation of being an online degree. The BEST part is tuition is $220 per credit hour which is cheaper than most any other online bachelors.
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    wow thanks for the list of resources. ive already found most of them to be more than helpful
  • elover_jmelover_jm Member Posts: 349
    MCPWannabe wrote: »
    Master's of Science in Information Technology: check out this one!
    Master of Science in Information Technology - Graduate School of Management & Technology - UMUC

    Are they an accredited university?
  • dratnoldratnol Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    University of Central Florida

    UCF - Graduate Certificate

    Online Graduate certificate in Digital Forensics
      Digital Forensics MS

    A big plus on this program is that online students that are out of state can receive in state tuition rates for this program (big money saver). I am set to take a few of these classes this fall to check it out.
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