Replacing LCD backlight?

TalicTalic Posts: 423Member
I was curious, have you guys done any LCD backlight replacements? Is it tough to do? My Viewsonic vx2025wm is looking a bit on the dull side and I would like to replace the backlight rather then looking at buying another 150 dollar monitor that has a cheaper panel (my viewsonic has MVA if I remember right, and most new monitors come with TN panels nowdays).

I found this website that sells CCFLs and they look pretty helpful with DIY How To guides:

I'm up for opening up and messing my monitor, just as long as it wont zap me like what they say CRT monitors do, hehe.


  • PlantwizPlantwiz Posts: 5,057Mod Mod
    I've done it for notebooks, you need a bit of patience.

    Not hard, but it's not like swapping ram either, you need to keep track of your parts.

    It it is wise to search the net for photos of others who have already dismantled them until you get more familiar with the different brands.

    I've not found the need to replace one for a desktop yet though.

    You may try the MFG for a scematic of the unit before you begin.
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  • tierstentiersten Posts: 4,505Member
    As Plantwiz said, it isn't particularly hard to do. There are usually a lot of steps however and it is fairly tedious because they're not usually designed to be easily repaired.

    One thing you must have is a clean dust free area to do the work in. If you get fluff or dust stuck inside then it'll be really visible when the monitor is on.
  • TalicTalic Posts: 423Member
    Cool, thanks, I'll keep those tips in mind when I do start it.
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