Dress code whilst moving equipment? what to do?

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So after seeing another dress code thread recently i want to know what you guys wear if you do any equipment or office moves which usually involve dirty area's?

Reason i ask is work have told us we HAVE TO wear smart casual clothes (shirt / trousers) when doing any office moves etc now. i think this is an absolute disgrace to be quite honest. Last time i did, i ruined my smart trousers because the thread came away and they had a few rips too. So im going to have to splash out on another set of trousers again.

Our moves always involve moving equipment in area's which are filthy. Has anyone had this problem with an employer before? and how would you approach it? i dont mind getting involvd but i think this requirement is pathetic and ridiculous to say the least. im thinking of declining next time if the smart casual is a requirement but i dont want to be arsey and appear to be a rebel.

What would you's do?
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  • laidbackfreaklaidbackfreak Posts: 991Member
    Where I work if we are doing dirty work, we are allowed to wear jeans etc, the rest of the time its business smart.

    I'd mention it to your boss about working in jeans during dirty work. See how his response is to that, as a comprimise its worth offering to get changed in the office while carrying out these tasks at least that way you can protect your smart clothes.
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  • tierstentiersten Posts: 4,505Member
    I've always done what laidbackfreak said and have been allowed to wear other clothing when necessary. If they insist on your wearing a suit still then ask for them to buy a boiler suit or something similar.
  • RTmarcRTmarc Posts: 1,082Member
    If I'm moving equipment, I'm in jeans. If they give me grief about it, I tell them hire someone to move the equipment. I'm not ruining my clothes for a company that is not going to reimburse me for it. Don't forget about the possibility of injuring your hands / fingers.
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Also check if they'll reimburse you for clothing expenses if they're getting damaged on the job. I've had jobs in the past where clothes got destroyed, and they gave us a little extra money quarterly to take care of that.
  • bellheadbellhead Posts: 120Member
    I would buy a set of white coverall body suits cost about $15 at a uniform company store. They are light weight, don't cost much and if anybody says anything later, well they are white and show off the dirt you would have had on your clothes.
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    Dont have dress code to come to work and dont have dress code while moving equipments
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  • PashPash Posts: 1,601Member
    This is a very valid point actually. Our company rules are defined in that if you are doing physical labour work then you can wear company polo shirt and jeans. However, more than once in the past I have had to move servers etc while in office clothes, simply because I wasnt expecting that job to pop up.

    Id speak with your line manager and explain the circumstances.
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