Taking A+ exam: Got some questions

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Hey Guys, I got some questions? Where is a good place to buy a voucher for a good price? How does all of that work? I know u buy them then that is how u pay for the exams?

I am going to take the 701 next Friday and 702 the following Tuesday? I have read Mike Meyers A+ seventh edition and watched Professor Messer's videos. I am also going to do some practice tests and study? Is it hard at all?

Thank you,
Robert Smith


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    Well I read the same book as you, and right in the book you're reading Mike advertises his companies website as a place to buy vouchers (Total Seminars: Discount Vouchers). They are the cheapest option I've found, for the United States.
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    There is a website that sells vouchers, posted here on techexams:


    It worked for me. If you're planning on buying the $300 voucher pack, you'll have to enter it in separately (I wanted to set it in for back-to-back for the A+ but it wouldn't let me). I set one test at noon, and the other an 1.5 hrs later (like it would have been if you selected back-to-back).
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    Oh and when you purchase the vouchers, be careful of which test voucher you purchase (Pearson Vue is only good for PVue centers, likewise for Prometric).

    After purchasing your voucher, go to the test centers website and enter in the voucher code when you're ready to check out.
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