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Hi guys and gals,

I read a thread here a little while ago where a member wanted to hear some major projects that the system administrator did while on the job. I was wondering if some experienced members here could identify what a few good "projects" are for a resume. I'm getting started in the field and would like to know what to look out for.

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    Well I guess alot of greenfield (uck management speak) stuff you do is worth mentioning, things like purchasing and installing a new virtualized infrastructure, upgrading to the shiney new version of windows server or desktops, branch office setups, the amalgamation (spelling) of purchased companies, new services such as IM or vid conferencing etc. As long as you have a signiificant sway on which product to test and then to install in your organisation then its a project!

    I guess really I know when a "project" is coming when someone says to me "have you got a minute" rather than "I can't....."
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    Anything that save the company money, time or increase security should be mentioned.
    "Migrated firewall from X to Y adding Z features and optimizing bandwidth"
    "Update Application from Windows to open source saving the company X in license fees"
    "Rolled out NIPS/HIPS to increase endpoint security"
    "Migrated from IPSEC VPN to SSL VPN to increase mobility"
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    Migrations. They are great for experience and look good on resumes.
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    Great tips guys! I was on vacation for a week in the French Alps so no internet connection. Hence the late reply.

    Migrations I will definitely keep in mind. We're going to be building a new server from scratch in a couple months, so I guess that would be a good project too. Anything Hardware related should be fun as well.
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