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AkaricloudAkaricloud Posts: 938Member
So just Friday I started applying for jobs where I'll be moving in a month.

Today I've received 5 callbacks: Two interviews and three to schedule phone interviews.

I'm really excited for one of them. Had a ~45 minute phone interview with the sys admin that really seemed to like me. Sounds like a great place to work with opportunities for advancement. The position is a Desktop Support Specialist that sounded like I'd get to learn a lot about servers and administration as well.

The only real awkward part was when at the end I said I wanted to make sure that I'd be making a livable wage. He asked what I could live off, I answered around 40k a year. He chuckled and said "That's not a problem, if you get hired I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the salary".

He said he'd pass my information along and try to get a face-to-face interview set up with someone that they'd fly in from their California office.



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    Good luck :)

    If they weren't serious about it, they wouldn't be thinking of flying someone in from another location just to do an interview.
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  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Posts: 938Member

    Yeah, I wasn't really expecting this company to be so interested in me. Hopefully next week I get a call with a time for an interview :D
  • MickQMickQ Posts: 628Member
    Sweet. Now that's sounds like a place that'd be great to work in.
  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Posts: 938Member
    Monday I'm going to go down to their office and meet with the Director of IT that's flying in from California. They said I'll most likely be meeting with multiple people and to expect to be there for a few hours.

    I'm so excited! I'm surprisingly relaxed about it too. I guess being on the other side of interviews must have helped to take away some of the anxiety I used to get from them.
  • wweboywweboy Posts: 287Member
    WOW sounds really neat keep us all informed I'm sure we are all rooting for you :)
  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Posts: 938Member
    Thanks, will do.

    I think having my MCITP probably gave me better consideration when they were reviewing applications.

    Currently I have ~3 years desktop support experience, an AA degree, MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 certification and will finish my BA in Management Information Systems in December.

    I'm also starting to work on MCITP: Enterprise Administrator as time permits and considering grad school(if I can afford it).

    I feel like I've learned more in the past few years than I ever imagined possible and hope to be able to continue doing so with whatever new job I do end up getting.
  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Posts: 938Member
    Here's an update:

    Spent ~3 hours interviewing at the software company. It seems to be a perfect fit for me and they mentioned that I was their top choice at this point. Hopefully the other few people who have interviews scheduled aren't any good. icon_lol.gif

    Also had another 2.5 hours interview with a different firm. Definitely not my first choice but the pay would be better and they seemed to really like me as well. If I get job offers from both I'll probably end up taking the lower paying job that I'm a better fit in.

    Anyway, instead of nervously waiting on phone calls from both I'm continuing to apply to more places. I need a job one way or another and I'm determined to get something that I'll enjoy.

    Also, both jobs ended up showing me around their server rooms at the end. Is this a standard practice when applying for a desktop support position? I found it a bit strange although I enjoyed it.
  • MrAgentMrAgent Posts: 1,301Member
    Usually a sign that they liked you. Hopefully youll get some good news soon! Good luck!
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    I am in the same ship you are man. I came out to the west coast but heading back to the east coast. I am almost done with my project out here. I got to say I got alot of calls like you too. I was surprised when I first came out this way but still surprise going out the other way.
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    Akaricloud wrote: »
    Also, both jobs ended up showing me around their server rooms at the end. Is this a standard practice when applying for a desktop support position? I found it a bit strange although I enjoyed it.

    Whenever I went to an interview and was shown the server room I usually got an offer that week. They definitely like you, I hope it all works out.
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