How do i add print drivers to server 2008 R2 for remote desktop?

albangaalbanga Posts: 164Member
Hi All,

I am currently testing a new 2008 R2 remote desktop environment for our company but i am having trouble working out how to add print drivers?
Please note our print server is a 32-bit Server 2003.
In the past If i was adding a new printer to the network i would add it to the print server and then i would also add that driver to the print server of the terminal server. I simply done this through opening printers and faxes > File > Server Properties > Drivers and then add the driver. This would then ensure the printers would correctly map across.

I have just downloaded all 64-bit drivers and will load them onto the print server but how do i load them onto the terminal server?? When i open printer and faxes there is no "File" menu?

I know i am probably missing something really basic here but google searches are throwing up nothing? any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • earweedearweed Posts: 5,192Member
    Here's a technet article on adding client print drivers to a print server (you may have to scroll down a little) HERE . Not sure if that's what you need or not.
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  • albangaalbanga Posts: 164Member
    Thanks earweed.
    I didnt realsie it requires you to add the print role. Seems silly but oh well, all working now :)

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