study guide help?

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so decided to get my A+ to kick start my career

So can someone give me a study guide? whats the best one to use or best way to go about learning?


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    I used the Mike Meyers all in one book and professor Messer videos.

    Professor Messer can be a bit dull as he seem to speak always in a single tone but is videos are great for viewing on the bus or when you having a break and they are free on his site.

    Mike Meyers book i actually liked it kept me interested throughout
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    definitely use professor messer's videos. They are on youtube, and everyone on these forums recommends him. He is very good. I use the sybex Complete Deluxe Study Guide, less than $80 on COMPTIA website. Very good resource.
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    If I had to do it over, I would do it like this:

    1: Read the Mike Meyers massive book (all in one), every page. Take your time, don't skip around and read the whole thing. Maybe twice.
    2: Watch the professor messer videos, take notes on subjects you are unfamiliar with and google them for clarity.
    3: Review your notes, read the exam cram book (skip over sections you know well, focus on sections that are fuzzy).
    4: Go over all the 801 objectives on the Comptia website, if you can honestly say to yourself that you can probably answer a questions from all the objectives...schedule the 801.

    Review daily leading up to the exam day.

    The reason for multiple sources is all of them leave something out. The proffessor messer videos will deliver the info in a different media format which will help to remember. The notes will help you as well. The exam cram book is concise and gets into the all the nitty gritty numbers you need to know (hardware specs, network specs, command line switches, etc).

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