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I am at WGU and I passed 801 and failed 802. I am changing my degree next semester so in 2 months I will not require the 802 for my degree. I have no desire to study for 802 and dislike most things about Comptia in general. I plan on moving on to my other courses and just let that sit. What are your thoughts?


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    Speaking from experience finish your 802. A+ may not seem like much now but the material and adding another cert does not hurt. You are halfway there. I laugh all the time in digital forensics at how some of the analyst do not even understand the basic PC architecture. Calling a chassis the CPU and hard disk memory. These may not seem like big things but understanding the terminology and having the foundation will serve you well later no matter where you go in IT. I am studying for my EnCe right now and half the material is A+ on the written side. Bit, Byte and Nibbles and how the OS file system works and so on.
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    I am curious as to what your issues with CompTIA are. Is it the material or the organization?
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    Which degree path are you changing to?
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    Take the 802 so you can pad that resume.
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    Like the others, I'm curious about your issues with CompTIA and the major you are changing to just to avoid the A+.
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    According to the site there are only 2 BS IT degrees without A+. One which is BS:Health Informatics which has the Comptia HIT+ and Project+, the other is BS:ITM which requires the Comptia Project+. I am not a fan of Comptia certs as the market has devalued pretty much all of them with the exception Security+ meeting IAT2 requirements, however, they are pretty much inescapable in WGU. It may not seem like it but it helps to fluff your resume with some certs. Also it is a considerable value/cost savings to take advantage of as opposed to chasing them individually ( for example BS:IT-NA is A+,NET+,SEC+,Project+, Linux+ , MCSA, &)-680, which would be 11 cert tests with the Comptia usually between $175-250 and Microsoft courses rough $125 or roughly $1775 - $2250)
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