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I recently purchased 2 3750 switches for my home setup. My question is what routers will I need to add to these to be ready for future carts as well. I have read the 1841 and 2811, but want you guys feedback. Also will added two 2960's be enough for the ccnp switch wise?



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    is the "3750" just a generic name for the model. Or is the model actually 3750. actually 3750's cant run version 15 of the ios. version 15 is what the test is written. maybe that will hurt you, maybe not.

    2960's as access switches will work just fine. But, it would be better to have 2 layer 3 switches that run version 15 of the ios in your lab.

    the 1841 and 2811 are good routers to use. But, your not being tested on routers. Your being tested on how the ios works. And, the exam uses version 15 of the ios. just need routers that run version 15 of the ios and have appropiate serial interfaces.

    take a look at the topology that is going to be on the test: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/10965

    you will notice that there are needed four routers with 10 serial interfaces. what routers you can use depends on which serial interfaces you are going to use. And, how they are going to be interconnected.
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    to know if you can run version 15 of the ios, just do a show version to find out how much flash memory the switch has. only switch with more than 16mb can run version 15.

    While cisco calls a 3750 a layer 3 switch, the hardware is only layer 3 capable. if it has the ipbase feature set, it is a layer 2 switch. if it has the ipservices feature set, it is a layer 3 switch.
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