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Can anybody recommend a decent video course for this certification with plenty of hands on?

Thanks in advance


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    Linux Academy has a PenTest+ video prep course on their agenda for November 6th. If you got a Safaribooks account, there's also the "PenTest+ Crash Course" live webcast end of October and a Pearson book.
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    thank you ill check this out
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    Thank you was also looking for resources on this im thinking i might attempt this rather then CEH
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    Jason Dion has a PenTest+ video course on Udemy that is pretty good.

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    I think with the general decline in prestige of the CEH combined with the outrageous price courses like this will steal students away

    Ill give udemy another look too, although last time I looked I was seriously disappointed with their MCSA offerings

    I was also able to find these labs on comptias website, 10% off codes are also an easy find.
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    I have recently sat this exam and failed 730 out of 750 :(

    Anyhow, so far up to now I was using the Jason Dion course supplemented with the Wiley book. IMO based on recent exam experience that combo did not provide enough knowledge to pass the exam. In fact I've requested a refund on the Jason Dion course in light of this.

    I've been using the course as a fill in the blanks and I have to say the course is amazing and better yet its free! Honestly wished id started my learning using it.

    If your looking for an awesome resource head there first. Two weeks until the retake fingers crossed! 

  • lewis2018lewis2018 Member Posts: 27 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Dam looks like the course ended the free access for the course looks like a free trial for me
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    I took Jason's course and I'm planning on watching it again after reading the Sybex book. I personally feel he glossed over the scripting section and I will need a lot of preparation to be able to interpret bash or powershell scripts.

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    The best resources for this exam are hands-on. Pentesting is an area where reading and watching all of the videos in the world will not help you. You need to be able to actually perform the attacks which in turn will help you understand them better as well. Look up Zaid Sabih on Udemy, I did his courses before starting the OSCP almost 2 years ago and they are worth thier weight in gold.
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    It looks like the ITPro.TV PenTest+ course is pretty good, but you'll need to do extra studying outside of the course to have the best chance to pass. Knowing how to write code (C, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.), and not just read it, is a big help in understanding the material too.
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