Am I qualified enough for an entry-level security position, somewhere? (resume enclosed)

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Hello all, I'm looking to move to IT security and I'm not sure where I stack up currently. I'm probably over 120 applications in and I'm getting frustrated. So far I've had a few recruiters call and ghost me, a couple of phone screens (and more ghosting) and one in-person interview. No luck. No feedback, nothing. I'm just looking for something entry-level. Thanks in advance for any advice given. 


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    I think anyone with legit JOAT sysadmin skills are usually a good fit in security somewhere as they've typically done many security related tasks. With that said, the resume doesn't scream security, but there are definitely aspects there. What kind of entry level security role are you applying for? If it's entry into a SOC type of role I'd probably try to focus on any sort of analytics work you might have done, wireshark, logging, etc. The field is extremely wide so "security position" could mean almost anything and if you're gunning for all of them it might explain the lack of success so far. 
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    Thank you for your input Danielm7. Right now I'm looking to maybe get into a SOC Analyst type role to get my foot in the door and gain experience. However, the end goal is GRC.
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    Revived thread to say that I accepted a security position at a well-known bank. Had the on-site interview and got offered the same day, it all happened so fast. Doubled my salary and it is a GRC role (exactly what I wanted). I'm beyond grateful and excited for this new chapter. It was actually my Master's Degree that put me over the edge. It took 7 months after graduation and a cert to find another job. Be patient job seekers.
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    That took a while! ... but you got it.

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    Well done - What was your master's degree? 
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    DZA_, I have a Master's in Management Information Systems concentrated in Information Security.
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    Congratulations on your new job!
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    Congrats! Salary doubling is awesome. 
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    Congrats! I came in and opened up your resume and was about to start saying that this looks honestly pretty good for entry level. So much of security is about a little troubleshooting experience...and your bullet items were hitting on the common tasks (patching, compliance, standards, mentoring/instructing, etc).  Again, congrats, and good luck!

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    Congrats, but as FYI the PDF still has your name in the metadata. If you want to anonymize make sure you strip that off.

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    Little late, but yeah you were more than qualified to start in security somewhere.  Congrats!
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