Web Design vs Networking?

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I planned to go the MCSA route to obtain an Administrator position, but today I've been thinking about web design as well. I think I've probably confused myself now for which one I want to go into although I think designing web pages may be kinda fun. What do you guys think about both of them?? Pluses and minuses?


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    It depends a bit on what you mean by web design... if you are actually refering to designing web site, instead of developing, the main difference between the web design and MS admin is that the first requires more creative skills and the latter requires more technical skills.

    A plus for web design is that it is different everytime (from a creative perspective)

    There are not many pluses for system administration icon_wink.gif a couple of minuses though:
    - when the system is not working it is your fault
    - when the system is working it is not because of you
    - when you do something it's often not fast enough
    - you get to make backups everyday
    - restores even more often (unless you are using shadow copy volumes :D )

    Oh yeah, there is a big plus: you get to have more access permissions than web designers ;)

    Seriously though, those are two very different paths so I suggest you make up your mind before putting time and effort in preparing for MS exams...
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    I'm a systems admin. and everything johan says is basically true...Its a good starting point though....This position allows me to start working with actual routers for experience (I'm gonna start steering into Cisco certs.) The web designer here has a pretty laid back job 9-5 ...Admins put in some long hours when its needed.....With being a Systems Admin though you get to save the day...
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