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hello all,

i have a forensic case which may required knowledge of "common law" and "US/UK criminal crime law" so i am searching for one or two books on the subjects (paralegal or first year of school law level) - I am not a lawyer but i used to deal with European law .

thank you

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    I don't have book recommendation but I'd strongly recommend consulting an actual lawyer not a book in this case.

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    The law is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest changes. In addition, a lawyer can offer valuable insight into the likely outcome of your case and help you to make the best possible decisions.

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    Just to give you a perspective of what the other two posts are recommending with regards to a lawyer. In the private and public sector we have to consult internal lawyers for many situations regarding forensics and data gathering of employees. Please don't investigate and gather such data until speaking with your employer's lawyers or council. If you are a consultant acting on your own accord, consult a laywer. You can be royally screwed and fined for not doing so. 
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    Thank you all ,
    to make the story short :we used to deal with external lawyers offices in the past for UK/US law.
    Now we have a new boss coming from the law side (just hired) and for some unknown raisons , she want us to have law knowledge: i suspect is to make some "Triage" in ours forensics cases, before sending them to external or not.
    So i was thinking of books because certification like CIPP/e/us price is too high (at least for me) for the numbers of the case i deal with.

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    I would suggest forensic examiner training by a company that specialized in the more popular DF certs, such as the EnCE. You might also check what SANS recommends for DFIR training.
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