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Has anyone seen a case where Client for Microsoft Networks does not have the Properties highlighted so you can click on it?

Using XP Pro on a small LAN (10 computers) with no server. Have un/re-installed Client, tried all HW (NIC, cable, hub), other settings between the PC's are the same.

One computer in the room - can click (view) it; another you can't. Others on the same hub work OK. They only take a couple seconds to update when clicking on "My Network Places". This PC takes 2-3 min.

Wondering if this might be responsible for the "PC that can't" being forced to do broadcasts EVERY time it looks for PC on the network, even if it diid so 5 min earlier.


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    There can be several reasons for that, but the first thing I would do is remove the MS client and rebuild it as many times minor corruptions can cause those symptoms.
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    I have removed the clients & services several times, and even 'removed' the NIC so it would re-install the HW drivers from scratch. Still no change.

    How should this ever happen (except broken SW) in the first place? Granted, MS Windows has its problems, but come on. Should it not know that things are wrong as it tries to use the thing?
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    I have a hunch that one (or more) of the solutions in the following topic may solve your problem, at least get it uninstalled properly:
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    Thanks Johan.
    Happens that I just did what was the major suggestion of that post - I uninstalled the services & unchecked TCP/IP, then uninstalled the NIC (built-in, but deleted in Hardware manager).

    I then re-booted, let it install the NIC, reinstalled Sharing, Client for MS, and QoS. So far it seems to have worked - will be checking it again in next 48hrs.

    You must have some good memory, and/or a good search tool .

    Now to get rid of those annoying 'information ballons' like "Network Connected"....

    Will keep you posted.
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    Obviously it is XP you are using - Right click on the LAN connection and uncheck the boxes ...

    Show Icon in notification area when connected.
    Notify me when connection has limited or no connectivity.
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    I'm not speaking about just those balloons. I set them because I want them, and I don't mind those as long as they only pop up for a second or two.

    But I'm also talking about ALL the other info pop-ups, some of which stay on screen for 10 seconds. There has to be a registry key I can modify so they are present only a short time. Just like the annoying "clip-it" in Word, these things need to be controlled.
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    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\advanced and right click and select new and then 'DWORDvalue' name the key EnableBalloonTips and then set the data value to 0. 'OK' Log out and back on

    OR Try:
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