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hey whats goin on, i am taking my a+ in about one week and need to know it all! hehe. i have my tables pretty well down, like irqs, dma, io, chipsets, voltages, and so on. i just need to know anything useful practice test online i got a 90% on this sites pratice test if that means anyhting its the first time i took it i will get beter. i really need to know anything that is useful, i have my CCNA, and network +, so i am damn good at the networking and toologies questions i guarantee. i feel that i am ready i don't know. thanks for your replies.

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    this is Moose just posting something i though if you could help me web mast, i saw your posting for the scsi assistance page, and the posting for the CPU/Pin with bus width pag is there an index of all your other pages out there. it would be nice if there was or some way of me getting all your postings of these pages if there isn't that would be greate you have perfect information on those pages i just don't need those specifically i need all since i am taking it with in one week.

    Thank you for your assistance
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    I started writing these "TechNotes" this week, currently these are the only two for the Core exam and you can find some A+ OS TechNotes in the A+ OS forum written by our A+ moderator.
    I'll try to add another one frequently and eventually combine them into a full-blown study guide. (unfortunately I won't be able to complete this in one week ;) )
    For now you'll have to watch the forum for new TechNotes, but I will create an index soon.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like'm :)
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