Passed Exam - 1st Attempt

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Hi folks !!

Passed CISSP Exam today on first attempt .. kind of almost with rescheduling it many time.

here is my struggle

1. I booked exam for august , 2012 and then keep rescheduling it . almost 8 times , spend like ~$300 alone on rescheduling.
2. I was not prepared in past or did not prepared much this time. Seeing other folks spend few months and number of hours .. i was kind of feeling I have not done enough .

This time , I just read for a day and half . Decided that this is the last attempt else I will cancel it all together . (btw, I am in security for last 9 years .. mostly on management )

Study material - I have all sorts of CISSP books ,but i just read 11th Hour CISSP and listen some of Shanon's videos .

For Test Question Practice : free test , I just did like 50 -60 questions and was scoring around 60 % .

I knew my weak points were Cryptography and Networking and spend most time on reading about it .

Advice for folks : don't do the mistake that I made icon_smile.gif , give the exam.


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    Congrats TalkSec.
    Did 11th Hour CISSP cover all the key terms or basic details for the questions you encountered?

    I did read the the CISSP Study guide, but now just focusing on 11th Hour. I occasionally found 11th hour was missing some key terms that were mentioned in CISSP study guide.
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    Kindly shed some light on the exam. How difficult was it and what sort of questions did you encounter?
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    Hi , Exam was challenging spl it's number of questions and the time ,but tried to keep me focus by taking few breaks

    3 in total - like 5 minute each .

    Question were OK , most of are from manager's perspective and you can find more online. I can compare it to CISM , just little bit more on tech terminology .

    -- 11th hours covers most of topics ,but nothing beat the experience and thinking as of you are manager. I faced most of question like that .

    Best of Luck !!
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    Go ahead and change ...

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