Passed 98-367 Security Fundamentals

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I passed my first Microsoft exam MTA 98-367 Security Fundamentals. Although I passed, wasn't too pleased with the score as I barely passed, score 73. I took the on-line course through Global Knowledge, studied the Microsoft book for the course, studied pdf from Certiport, and studied Microsoft Security Essentials by Darril Gibson, and the prep test I used was Measure-up.

I'm security+ certified and although I studied hard and scored 90 & above on the prep test, this exam was nothing as I expected and somewhat challenging. Some of the content/questions I never saw in any of the material I studied for. Most questions were multiple choice, true & false. There was 38 questions in all; however, a lot of the questions had multiple questions in ONE question... so you had to correctly answer ALL the questions in order to get the ONE question right. To me, that was the very difficult. Because I was very familiar with the content material that I studied, I was able to stay focus and get thru the questions. It could have been more stressful and probably would have failed if I tried to just memorize the questions on the prep test.

From my experience, you have to know the material or have working experience in order to pass this exam. Although it supposed to be a fundamental certification, the wording & layout is somewhat challenging.


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