Whats the asa equivalent of this nat command?

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So I have an ASA that I am creating a L2L VPN to a Cisco router.
My source IP is
I need to reach on the other side but I must NAT my IP to
What would be the proper command?

In IOS the command would be:
ip nat outside source static

would the ASA command be?

object network obj-
nat (outside,inside) static
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    I believe that will nat host to when it goes from inside to outside regardless if its going through the VPN tunnel or not. I think you have mixed up the IP addresses as well...isn't 8/3 NAT fun?

    I believe you will want something like this

    nat (inside,outside) source static obj- obj- destination static obj- obj-

    obviously you need to create the objects with the relevant IP addresses inside them.

    hopefully someone can verify :D
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