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Hello there, I am thinking of taking the exams of CISSP and I found out that there arent any books in the last 2 years for CISSP. Should I buy the study guides from 2011?

Any other book recommended ?


  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,882 Mod
    What? Where have you been looking? All the major players got updated between 2012-2013.
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    I used SH AIO 6th ed, EC CISSP Study Guide 2nd ed and 11th hour (the day before test), and Michael Gregg Exam Cram. Each are valuable in their own right, but to truly understand what the ISC2 is looking for I would say get the CISSP CBK ... I've posted this many a times so far, but all the authors listed do not decide what is on the test, the ISC2 does. With that being said, it may seem that all books just seem redundant, but each offered a different perspective, insight and way of thinking.

    The most detail out of the books I've read was SH AIO .. probably a little too much detail, but she was good to get a solid foundation. EC CISSP Study Guide, summarized it better without the 1500 pages. Exam Cram even more summation but with fewer details and finally 11th hour was good to quickly review the day before (only about 200 pages)

    Good luck to you.
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    I recommend carefully looking through the sample chapters available for each book you are considering. That way you can see which style is for you. My original plan was to use the AIO as my main resource but it turned out to be excessively verbose and I quickly put it aside in favor of the Conrad books. Ended up using it for my weaker domains only. Same thing happened with the OIG.
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    Mkay, I think I will buy the CBK and the one from Conrad and see how it goes...
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    I'd recommend the Sybex CISSP book. Used it as my primary studying material (read it 3 times over a month) and felt pretty good going into and doing the test.
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