Junipers JMV class

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Hello All,

So I have to say if anyone is aiming to get their Service provider track certifications, I highly recommend Junipers JMV course.

Tomorrow will be my 3rd day in the class. One of our company sponsors were holding the event and I was able to get into class for free. Lots of information (19 chapters in 5 days) but its well worth it. The individual that is teaching our class is great. Tomorrow onwards to chapter 8! You get 3 study guides, 3 lab guides, 1 network diagram guide and 1 high level lab guide (basically the lab guide but not showing you how to do the steps).

I have to say they go over a lot of information in just 5 days!



  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    This is a great class. I'd also suggest the AJSPR class for people on the SP track.
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  • higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882
    The class is amazing and intense. This class makes the JIR and the pre req's look easy which those are not bad. This class makes me really enjoy / understand service providers a lot more. Now I'm conflicted which path to go down lol. Taking a break right now and then get to setup some Layer 3 VPNS!
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