How to setup FR/MPLS cloud on a single router

I seen people post there home topologies and noticed that they had the cloud FR/MPLS running on the same router. I know how to make a router a frame relay switch but I can't seem to find any documentation on how to setup MPLS cloud on a single router. Would anyone know how to do it or point me to a url that shows it?


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    The FR switch isn't ip aware, it just forward FR frames using the dlci's. I haven't played with MPLS over FR but i'm sure its enabled on the router frame-relay interfaces connected to the FR switch. Use the command "mpls ip" on the router fr interface to enable ldp. The ldp keepalives use multicast address so you will need broadcast enabled on the pvc's. Once the ldp neighbors are detected via hello's they establish a tcp session using the LDP RIDs, i.e. these must be known by both sides, so routable in igp is best.
    Then every IP address in the rib will be assigned a local label and this will be advertised to ldp peers. Now when a packet needs to be forwarded out the FR interface towards the FR cloud it will have a label pushed on. The label will get be encapsulated in a FR dlci and get switches via FR till it hits the remote FR router, dlci will be striped, lfib checked and the label either swapped,popped or even possibly pushed icon_smile.gif depending on whats in the lfib.
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