BOOKS, Sample Exams - your opinion (Logical Operations, Pearson)

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Hi all. Just joined the forum. I am planning to take the Security+ in about 2 weeks.

I am interested in your thoughts (especially for those who have passed the 301 Exam) regarding a few books, quizzes, etc. that I am using, and if you have found them to be good books? Are they true to the actual Exam? Are the questions similar to actual questions?

Books that I am reading (they both have sample questions in each chapter, and complete sample tests at the end of the book)
  • Logical Operations CompTIA Security+ SY0-301,
  • Pearson Exam-CRAM CompTIA Security+ SY0-301
In addition, i have installed the iPAD app: "Global Knowledge: SEC+, Assessment: Security+ PREP Questions"

Also, I have found (via google searches) numerous documents with the document title similar to: 1111640122_Security+4e_Ch## (where the ## are the different chapters in the book)

Lastly, I have participated in a group study, where someone purchased two 'other' Practice Exam:
  • test king
  • "BOSON Security+
The Logical Operations and Pearson seem straightforward (also the 1111640122_Security+4e). The three overlapped in material quite closely, and the exams were very similar.

However, the test king and BOSON exams seemed somewhat different. It was almost like they put great effort into messing with your head, to make trick questions, rather than just test your knowledge.

One example (and I don't remember the full text of the sample question): The question asked for a secure alternative to FTP. (the answers did not include SCP, FTPS or SFTP). The only example that contained an actual transfer protocol was TFTP. The correct answer, per the test exam was "SSH". I take issue with that answer. I have used SSH for over 15 years, and all that SSH does is give you a shell (like a telnet) using xterm, dtterm, etc. SSH does not transfer or copy files. With a shell on a unix server, you can then issue infinite commands (ftp, sftp, scp, rcp, and other copy/transfer commands). Each of those commands is utilizing a separate protocol on a different port (ftp: 20/21, scp: 22, etc.). I am very willing to concede that I am wrong, when someone shows me how SSH (by itself, without scp, sftp, ftp, rcp, cp) can be an alternative to FTP. Anyway, enough of the details.

I am hoping for input as to whether the BOOKS that I am reading, with sample exams, are close to what you find on the ACTUAL 301 Exam?



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    Ok, this is another case of using too many resources. Here is what you need CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide: Darril Gibson: 9781463762360: Books

    This is a Security+ book written by Darril Gibson, its been number 1 on amazon for years, it is the absolute bible for this test. This book is pretty much all you need and it has every bit of information that is required for the test, if you like videos I would also do Professor Messer Security+ on Youtube which is free. Throw everything else away and just do these two and I guarantee that you will pass the test.
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    Hammer80. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you prefer the book that you listed by Darril Gibson. And it sounds like you don't have any direct knowledge on the books that I asked about. Not sure why you needed to characterize my questions as "another case of using too many resources". If it helps, I am taking a semester course at a college, and one of the books is a required Textbook, and two of the Quiz offerings are part of the semester course. The other book I purchased simply to supplement the resources supplied by the class. I did ask for the opinions of folks who have passed the test, so in that respect, I appreciate that you took the time to respond. A bit cold to dismiss my sources without any personal knowledge of them. My instructor has taught Computer Security for over 10 years, as well as CCNA/Network+ courses. He has been a Computer Forensic analyst and highly regarded expert witness. I would hope that he knows the information well enough to select decent textbooks.

    If anyone has knowledge on the books that I mentioned, I look forward to any responses.

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    I used the Pearson Exam cram book and they have exams that I found to be a little tricky like the answer you talked about with SSH.

    I also used the transenders practice exam and they gave a nice explanation about why each of the answers were either correct or incorrect. For my next test I will probably add this to my Studying regimen.

    I found some that were on this site and others and also used the SkillSoft test at the end of the course.

    None of these practice tests, IMO, were like the real test. However the more test I took and had a passing grade of over 95% i started feeling comfortable with actually walking into the testing center.

    The exam cram book was the only book that I used throughout. I flipped though it a lot while taking practice tests especially if I was stuck on a question, used it as an open book test in a way. That book was bought about a month ago and looks like it was used for over a year icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif. for me it was a good tool to pass this test it was money well spent.
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    Ravencrazy. Do I understand your posts correctly that you have passed the Security+ Exam? If so, congrats. I was a bit confused by your post, as to whether you passed or were still planning to take the exam. Thanks for the response.
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    You got it right. I passed on Monday.
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    Ravencrazy. Congrats! So what's next for you? More Certs, or new job, or just enhancing the Resume?

    BTW, did you try the sample quizzes on this site (tech exams)?

    Again, Congrats, and good luck to you
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