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I had a question on a certification that is offered thought my school. The testout software for Network Pro, some people tell me that's its equivalent to network +. Is this true? Would you still recommend taking network + if I pass the network pro exam. Other people tell me that no one recognizes this cert and it's worthless... any input will be great.

I have worked in IT for about five years but all entry level jobs such as customer support for customers or in home networks and virus removal. My goal is to land a job as a network administrator when I finish my degree. I have about 4 months left of schooling and trying to start gaining some certs before I graduate.




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    I've never even heard of it. If you plan being a network admin there are much more useful certifications to spend your time on.
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    Testout is simulation software, I remember using it for an A+ class, did a pretty good simulation of hardware to test if you know where to place peripherals. Agree that there is better use of time then N+ :)
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    Cryogenic wrote: »
    My goal is to land a job as a network administrator when I finish my degree.

    Identifying where you want to take your career is a good start. Now start looking at job postings for network administrators in your area or the area where you would like to live. I am really doubtful anyone has even heard of Testout Network Pro so going down that path would be a poor investment of your time and resources.

    Make it a habit to visit dice, linkedin, craigslist ect and look at the job postings daily or at least every other day. Take note of the skills and certs they are listing then start working on those things. Once you have those skills find way to list them on your resume, preferrably as work experience but projects or volunteering works too.
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    Testout now offers certifications and this is one other their own personal ones.

    It is probably a fine 'cert' to have, but industry-wide, at this point, people know CompTIA and if you post Testout pro Network Pro certification, you will get some odd looks (maybe even a chuckle or two). I use this point, if I have to explain what something is that states I have an award or such to someone in the same industry the award is issued...there is a problem. (Sorry, that came out a little clunky).

    Get a degree, stick with the industry known exams, CompTIA, MS, Cisco, etc.. Skip the fluff.
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    I used Testout Network Pro to study for my Network+. I thought it was a fine tool and I scored above 90% on the exam. The labs were really good for me since I don't have many test machines to use at home for those.

    I also used the Testout Security Pro for the Security+. I don't recommend it for that test. They don't cover Security+ topics as thoroughly as they should so avoid it for the Security+.
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    Thanks for all the feedback!

    I'll go for the net + at this point and possibly ccna after that's complete. Looking over the goals for net + it doesn't seem to bad, but it sure does cover a wide range of topics.
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    I'm getting ready to take the A+, Security+, and Windows Client TestOut cert's as finals for my classes for this semester. All these certs worth putting on my resume if I don't have the CompTIA A+ or Security+ (yet)?
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    They certainly won't hurt, but they aren't industry-recognized certs. Might garner more questions during the interview.
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    A certification should tell an employer that you have skills and that you're competent to do the job. Not many employers require certifications; most say "helpful but not required." If the TestOut certs are included with the course, it's a no brainer to use them. Whatever you can use to set yourself apart will help you. If you want to get jobs that require certs, then get Net+. But again, there are few that require accept for military. If TestOut's is simulation based, and you're showing that you can do the job, then that will come out in an interview when a recruiter is assessing your skills. You can study for some certs and memorize a lot of material and pass without any real experience. That's why most employers don't require certs, because traditionally they don't guarantee that you know how to do the job.
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