Looking for a simple explanation of objtFXSrcStrm

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and what could cause a user to continue to exceed the default maximum of 50?

I have been searching technet articles for a vanilla explanation without success.

If anyone could assist it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Did you check out this forum post?

    FX Source Stream - 9646

    FX is referred to as “Fast Transfer”. Internally properties are kept raw formats and dynamically converted to meet the specification of the requester. Using Fast Transfer, the properties of a message can be copied in their raw format without translation. This object represents a source stream when copying properties.

    Also, relating to the Open Item Limit

    Open Item Limits

    Open item limits are limits placed on the number of items that can be opened by a single mailbox in a single session. However, a user can have multiple sessions opened simultaneously. For example, if a user has two sessions opened, the user could open 1,000 folders.

    If you want to modify these limits, see "Configure Open Item Limits" immediately following the table.

    Exchange Store Limits

    This Reddit thread suggests it might be related to a load balancer if that is included in your setup

    Outlook not updating for certain users. E2k10+SP3+RU2 : exchangeserver

    Edit: Also, breaking it down:

    I might do a
    netstat -ano | findstr /i "insert Exchange IP here"
    to see how many TCP connections that user has on their machine. I might compare this to a user/machine not experiencing the issue...might be more pieces to the puzzle. If the load balancer isn't properly handling (aka killing off) stale TCP sessions then I could see this issue occurring.
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    Thank you for the quick response.
    Did you check out this forum post?

    Yes, there was another with similar content. LINK

    I was looking for what the "fast transfer" was (definition) and what would cause a user to trigger so many alerts on the server.

    This particular customer of ours is not using a load balancer in their environment. Not to say stale sessions are not there..

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