My 70-680 test taking expirence

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Well the day finally came. I took the 680 yesterday and passed with a 764!
My thoughts...
After studying for 7-8 months I realized during I was taking it "I over studied" I was expecting to be tested down to the very last details of the topics but instead it was very easy and basic. It reminded me of my A+... I know that is not what is said everywhere else. The test I got was just super easy I thought. There was only 1 question that I really did not know how at least narrow down the answers.
During studying I set up my own lab with a server and vm's. I went through Don Poulton's book along with the official MOAC book. The last week I went deep into things on technet. I took the practice tests that came with the books.
I have not had any real work world experience. All I have done has been at home.

So to wrap things up. If you are taking the 680 in the near future study hard but don't over study. Try to get a good general working knowledge about how to do everything but keep it somewhat simple.
For me I think I need to get some real world experience. I hope to take my 685 soon also.
one question... How similar are the 680 and 685? And do you think I could pass just with studying the MOAC book for the 685?

Thanks guys! :D


  • omi2123omi2123 Posts: 189Member
    congrats.....i started with 70-680 but seems like it's lot harder than it decided to for for 70-687 win8....loving it....
  • smguthriesmguthrie ■■□□□□□□□□ Posts: 28Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Very nice......congrats!!!

    I'm the type of person that doesn't feel comfortable unless I over-study. I'll have about six months to study for this exam myself and I'm a little nervous that won't be enough. You've helped put my mind at ease somewhat.
  • ArthornArthorn ■□□□□□□□□□ Posts: 1Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats. I passed yesterday with the exact same score at MS teched. 3rd time was the charm for me.
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