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I'm looking to expand my knowledge in the networking field. It interest me and I would like to have a job managing servers and being able to set everything up. I recently got my A+, and I know I'm just a beginner when it comes to networking, but I like learning about networking related topics. And I would like a home lab to prepare myself for future test.

I am not a good explainer when it comes to things I want, so basically, I want physical hardware to mess around with so I can learn hands on. I want to be able to learn things that would be helpful on any Cisco test or other certification test dealing with networking. Hopefully that is enough information. My budget is $500, if I can't have a home lab for that much then make it cheap as possible.

Again, sorry for not being able to explain what I want very well. It's very difficult for me.


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    You should check out the "For Sale" thread on here and I'm pretty sure you will find some good deals on what your looking for.
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    I want to know what to buy, not where to buy. But thanks for telling me that, I'll look there once I know what I should get.
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    My advice is if you want equipment get a Cisco 1841 router. They really are nice lab routers.

    Other then that I suggest you click on the certificationkits link thats probably on the left of your screen and read some of the descriptions. Then go buy it yourself somewhere else. One piece at a time is cheaper and can get you started quickly.

    Keep in mind. Kits are easier to buy but more expensive. If money is an issue spend some time shopping on sites like ebay and craigslist.

    Good Luck
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    you can get 2950's really cheap to practice all your layer 2 stuff cisco 2950: Electronics

    Also get a couple 2600's cisco 2600: Electronics

    that will get you started with learning hands on crap...try upgrading the IOS version and password breaking it. When it comes to really learning the IOS and the CLI I would recommend just using GNs3 or packet tracer...getting a bunch of gear and keeping at your house is over rated imo
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