Unsure about IT career.

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I have both the Sec+/Network+ certificate, and would like to know in someones experience what sort of job can I get with these two certs, or do I need something more. I kind of don't feel like IT is really my thing anymore, and want to really understand from someones perspective what it's like working as an IT employee.

Is it something that's boring and dull? Do you sit around a lot? Do you travel a lot? How are you treated by your superiors or co-workers? Is all the hard work in getting a ton of certificates worth it?

I feel like that once I get the certificate I instantly lose knowledge of what I just learned mostly. I just really am not sure if this is right for me, or not.



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    It's all going to depend on your interest in IT, nobody is going to be able to tell you what interests you but yourself. IT is wide field with network, systems administrators, programming, help desk ect and you would have to research to find what part of IT fits your interest. Some jobs will have you sit, some can travel like any other job it will vary depending on company and responsibility. With your current certifications you could try getting into a help desk and see how you like the experiences.
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    All of those things you asked are going to depend highly on where you work in IT. It is such a vast field.

    I personally don't find what I do boring (service provider network design), but working in an IT department for corporation XYZ would be pretty boring for me I think. How people treat you and how much you travel again depends highly on your role. Working helpdesk for a 100 person office is not going to involve much travel.

    The certifications can be hard work, but it is rewarding. I enjoy learning and the challenge of passing the exam. Not to mention it helps you get more money! All that makes it worth it to me.
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