9L0-409 Pass: General Thoughts & Advice (Including a must-do for registration)

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Hey all, first post. Padding the resume with some Apple certs lately, as I've been using a Mac for a few years now and have picked up a fair bit of knowledge without much to back up my wild assertions of competency to prospective employers. Anyhow, I passed 9L0-409 (Mac Integration Basics 10.9) in a day and a half of training without much difficulty (>90%). I used the official Apple guide (~70 pages), took notes in a condensed form, re-read them a couple times, and ran through everything in OSX to make sure I knew how to get to where I needed to be. It was simple, it was easy, you'll all do fine.

One thing I did mess up on was registering for the proper version of the exam. If you're taking the exam on your own and not at a testing center, make sure you register for the non-proctored version of the exam. You'll need to cilck on the "Do you have a private access code?" link on the Pearson registration page and enter the code from Apple's training site in order to proceed, otherwise your browser will prompt for a Proctor ID/password. I ended up having to cancel my initial order and re-buy the non-proctored version.

On to 9L0-418 tomorrow, then the MCSA Server 2012 trilogy over the next couple months..


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