Finally off the Helpdesk advice wanted

missjanayamissjanaya Member Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
After 3 years in 2 different helpdesk roles I have finally been offered a more desk side position.(Amen the desk was driving me cray)

As a Network Support Technician I will be putting together workstations, monitoring servers, still answering users questions and user management. My question is I am wondering how I can put my best foot forward and not stumble through this position. As I assume there will be a different can of worms in not handling users over the phone?

What certs do these type of roles generally require? I skipped A+ as I already had a B.A. so was qualified for those entry level roles I sought. Should I go back and get it? I recently passed two MTA test OS and networking. The desk will be doing a migration to windows 8.1 in a few months should I try for MCSA in 8?

I am just wondering what I should do next. Also what I can do to keep from looking like a noob. Any advice on what to bring/do the first day/week/month?



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    omi2123omi2123 Member Posts: 189
    I'd definitely go for windows 8.1 certs...it's easy & fun. Then u may try mcsa sever2012... depending on how much networking work I do, a CCNA is not a bad idea either
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    alexander77alexander77 Member Posts: 54 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Since your department is migrating to 8.1, the MCSA sounds like it would be a good idea for you. Since you've been on the helpdesk and have experience and how you described the job you shouldn't have anything to worry about.. should be able to pick up on it fast within the first month or so.
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    kriscamaro68kriscamaro68 Member Posts: 1,186 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Do you know what they are going to be using for the migration? MDT, SCCM, WDS, some 3rd party stuff. Find out what they will be using and get caught up on it fast. If its going to be MDT, SCCM, or WDS then these all fall inline with the Windows 8 certs. Good luck.
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    missjanayamissjanaya Member Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
    It will not be a server migration to 8. Anyone have advice on creating an image? This is my first time not using an image.
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