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Ok I have been stuck on this for about a week and its getting old it kinda sucks that I have to set it up this way but don't have much of a choice company won't put in another T1 line for the wireless users. I supply a diagram and I want the static route to follow the arrows I have put on it. The reason being for this is the at the wireless system has to have a public address is what the providor told me. And I don't want it going through a firewall.

I currently have the all the internal users going through the ISA server by doing ip route which is the ip of the ISA server. Is there any way to do a static route for the 216.x.x.181 to the top T1 router with out affecting the internal users? I have had a static route far enough to where I can ping from the PLP router to 216.x.x.181 and 216.x.x.177 but I can't move up to T1 router and ping 216.x.x.181. Any suggestions would be great!


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    nice post bro...
    but can you make it simple (the picture was too huge for my screen to analyze it - sorry)... :)

    does the PLP have only 1 route - which is to ISA? i dont think so.
    So you should be doing just find - by giving the wireless an access-list to speak directly to your T1 router on either PLP or Grand*** . if that what you mean?

    on PLP :
    you permit the client (10.a.b.c) only to ISA - OK,
    then you permit the wireless to speak up to T1.
    dont use a default gateway - because it will lead all your route below it to your ISA.

    or for much better control :
    do it on access--router (Grand***)
    permit the client only talk to ISA - and give other pass thru.
    it give you much simplicity to determine the routing flow flom up to bottom or vice versa.
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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