Inocrrect practice exam questions

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I'm practicing for my 70-680 exam and think there are a couple of questions that are worng.

Q. You use a computer that has windows 7 SP1 installed. The cmputer has a shared folder named C:/software. User 1 is a local user account on the computer. The account is a member of several groups that have access to the C:/software folder. You need to verify whetherUser1 can save files to C:/software. What should you do?

The correct answer according to the pratice is 'view the share permissions on C:/software'

Is this correct as I'm sure it sometimes gives me another 'correct' answer.

Here is another....................

Q. You have a computer that runs Windows 7. The computer's hard disks are configured as shown in the following table

Disk Partition size free space
0 c 160 60
1 d 50 10

You need to ensure that you can recover the operating system and all the files on the computer if hard disk 0 experiences hardware failure. What should you do?

The correct answer accoridng to the practice is 'create a system repair disk"

Later in the test it asks me the same question and although 'create a system repair disk' is there it says it's wrong and says 'create an easy transfer file on a network location.' is the correct answer.

Can somebody advise me what is the correct answers please?


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    As far as I know the first thing you should check are the share permissions, most admin set them to full and do not ever deal with them again preferring to use NTFS. But you can use them together to limit. I think the minimum needed to change a file is modify permission.

    The second question I am unsure of I would need to know what was asked in the second question.

    Hope I was of some help :)
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