Annoying! OS X certifications: where do you take them?

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This is pretty frustrating.

I need to get ACSP for OS X 10.8 (the exam is supposedly OS X 10.8 Support Essentials; no exam number given by Apple, of course, in order to make it even more difficult to figure out).

However, the more information I get the more confused I get. According to our local Apple training center, it is a proctored exam. According to Pearson, it is not. When I try to schedule the exam on Pearson's website, it doesn't give me an option to schedule the exam, only to "purchase" it, and then it gives me system requirements (IE 6.0 and higher, etc). That seems to indicate it is non-proctored. Why would it give me system requirements for a proctored exam?

I called Pearson. They told me it's not proctored. I called the Apple training center. They told me it is.

This is ridiculous. Anybody have any more information for me on this?



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    hammiesink wrote: »
    Why would it give me system requirements for a proctored exam?

    Typically indicates it's a web or software-based delivery method, which would likely mean it's not proctored.
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    I'm willing to bet it's a proctored exam.

    Take a look at this page: Apple - OS X Mountain Lion Certifications

    Notice how the Apple Certified Associate exams have a "Available Online" link listed? That'll take you to a page with a code to purchase the non-proctored version of the exam. That link isn't listed for the ACSP exam.

    In addition, the proctored version of the Mac Integration 10.9 exam I (mistakenly) purchased the other day also still listed system requirements. It'll even let you download the secure delivery browser to open the exam, but you'll run into a proctor login page if it's a proctored exam.

    Your best bet is to check this link and see if you can find an Apple Training Center near you.
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    It's apple, they can never make up their mind. All jesting aside, does it require you to have a webcam? If so it could be an internet proctored exam where someone has to keep an eye on you.
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    Well, 2 minutes in Google show that the exam number is 9L0-412. It must be taken at an Authorized Training Center.

    Start at and then maybe head over to

    As much as I hate Apple can't say the process is not clear.
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    Thanks. Yes, I did Google and find the exam number very quickly, but I was just annoyed because I shouldn't have to do that. Microsoft lists the exam numbers right there, next to the goddamn name of the exam you have to take, as well as a link to take you to where you need to schedule it.

    Also, my co-worker was a guinea pig and tried to buy the exam, and sure enough it asks for a proctor ID. It doesn't indicate that this is for proctors anywhere on the Pearson website as far as I can see, and I even called Pearson themselves and they told me it was non-proctored, when it clearly isn't.

    What a clusterfuck of bad organization this is.
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